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    2023 Member List - We have almost reached our MAXIUM number of members!


    Richard Reed, Zach Thigpen, Steve McDonough, Dennis Byerley, Vincent, Partusch, Rich & Lonita Villalobos, Dave McLaughlin, Michael Peeler, Ramon Valasco, Bill McGourty, Doug Patterson, Mark Miller, Rocky Wolf, Lynette Fitzgerald, Jay Felch, and John McNelis CLICKING ON THE MEMBER NAME WILL NOT SHOW HIS/HER MOST CURRENT NCGA INDEX ANYMORE. 1. Go to Ghin.com 2. Log in as yourself with your ghin no and last name 3. Go up to Golfer Lookup 4. Click on My Clubs and then select the club that you want just above the golfer’s name. if you belong to multiple clubs, use the down arrow and select the club you want the list from 5. Unfortunately GHIN lists the golfers by first name and not alphabetized by last name >>>>>> "The MEMBER CONTACT INFO is password protected and not to be used for solicitation in any form. " >>>>>>>To ACCESS CONTACT INFO, click on the MEMBER CONTACT INFO button. Enter the Password ONE TIME. When you are done, you must EXIT completely by CLICKING on the LOGOUT Button at the top of the page.