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    Message From Steve Shaw - President, special NCGA Events, Tournament Operations, Local Rules and More

    Messages from the Board:

    This section is worthy of review as it is the spot on our Website that allows our CLUB PRESIDENT to communicate topics of importance throughout the year and where Board Meeting Minutes are posted. All of us can benefit by using our website to keep better informed throughout the year.

    Tournament Operations

    With the infusion of new members into our club each year as well as modifications to the club’s operating parameters, it is important that members understand the club’s general operating routine regarding tournaments: pairings, sign-ups, payments, fees, guests, and the skins game. Additionally, Match Play, the Memorial Cup, the hole-in-one insurance fund, which tees to play during events, tournament flights and the three day family fun outing will be briefly discussed near the end of this document.

    Local Rules

    Bay Area Pinseekers Golf Club tournament play is governed by the USGA Rules of Golf and the current Decisions on the Rules of Golf and, where applicable, the following Local Rules and Conditions, along with additional Local Rules as may be supplied.

    Bay Area Pinseeker Merchandise

    You may order your favorite BAP logo golf gear on-line, directly from our vendor, Queensboro. If you are a first time user, you'll be asked to register and create an account for ordering your BAP-logo items.