. Match Play Championship – Bay Area Pinseekers Golf Club

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    2022:  Tom Natividad is our 2022 Match Play Champion.  BRAVO!!!!

    Congratulations to ALL of you who participated this season!

    Here are the final results: 

    Congratulations to Tom Natividad, who defeated Dan Jones for the Championship. 

    Victor Soriano defeated Terry Estrada for 3rd Place.

     Previous Champions:

    • 2021: Champion – Cole Pasjuta | 2nd Place – Dan Jones | 3rd Place – Kenny Langston | 4th Place – Jojo Escoto
    • 2020: Champion – Bill Patterson | 2nd Place – Mark Ellinwood | 3rd Place – John PcPeak | 4th Place – Jojo Escoto
    • 2019: Champion – Pat Boyle | 2nd Place – Rodney Belknap | 3rd Place – Karen Treat | 4th Place – Dave Wallace
    • 2018: Champion – Bill Patterson | 2nd Place – Tim Wallace | 3rd Place – Karen Treat | 4th Place – Dave Wallace
    • 2017: Champion – Bill Patterson | 2nd Place – Kathleen Nagle | 3rd Place – John Fisher | 4th Place – Gene Ho
    • 2016: Champion – Wynn Smith | 2nd Place – Bill Patterson | 3rd Place – Karen Treat | 4th Place – Bob Wolf
    • 2015: Champion – Mike Souza | 2nd Place – Kenny Langston | 3rd Place – John McPeak | 4th Place – David Geary
    • 2014: Champion – Kenny Langston | 2nd Place – Rich Lang | 3rd Place – John McPeak | 4th Place – Pat Boyle
    • 2013: Champion – Karen Treat | 2nd Place – Frank Brunetti
    • 2012: Champion – Kenny Langston | 2nd Place: Karen Treat


    • The Bay Area Pinseekers Match Play Championship is a match play format consisting of brackets depending upon the number of participants.
    • All “early round” matches shall be played at courses mutually agreed-upon by the competitors. Early round matches are those that do not determine a Flight winner or Finals match winner. If the competitors cannot agree on a golf course then the match must be held at Poppy Ridge. Men shall play from tees which measure the nearest to 6000 yards.  Women may play from the same tees, but have the option of playing from tees nearest to 5500 yards. The yardages, slope and rating information must be obtained from the NCGA.org official website to determine the proper tees, not the course scorecard or course website.
    • All matches that may determine a bracket winner, all semi-final and final matches will be played at Poppy Ridge Golf Course.
    • Refer to References: Handicap Calculation on the Tournament Page for specifics on how to calculate handicaps from different tees, etc. YOU MUST POST YOUR SCORE FROM YOUR MATCH PLAY GAME.  Refer to the Rules Document for details.
    • Match Play Championship Coordinator: Phil Kagel (Philkagel@att.net) with questions about the competition. Rules questions refer to Handicap Chairman, Bob Harley.
    Wow, the match 5/5/22 between Doug Olkein and Bob Harley ended dramatically to say the least and underscores the cliche, “It is not over ’til it’s over”. Doug had to give Bob 8 strokes and the entire match went back and forth. Playing at Poppy Ridge, they started on Zinfandel and at the end of 9 were tied. Then went to Merlot, and at the end of 9, were still tied. Asked Nick where they could go to continue a sudden death playoff and he sent them to Chardonnay No. 1. Bob stroked on the 1st hole and Doug got an amazing par in regulation after he pushed his drive to the right. Bob got a 5, so no blood and onto Chardonnay 2. Bob still had honors, so he hit his drive into the fairway and was out about 95 yards with the wind and pin in the back. The hole says 260 Yards on the card from the white tees and Doug with great focus and determination, waited for the ground’s keeper to finish his work and drive away from the green. Doug hit a powerful drive that threaded the needle between the two sets of greenside bunkers that protect this green. His ball bounced up just a couple of feet into the rough pin high for what would be a likely up and down for birdie. Doug and I went up to the green to see where he had ended up and waited for Bob to hit his 2nd shot. We could not see Bob. We only saw his ball in the air, land on the middle of the green, check up once, bounced twice and rolled another few feet into the hole for an EAGLE!! Doug was gracious and a great sport in the light of this unexpected turn of events. Doug managed a chip good enough for BIRDIE, but came up short. It was an example of where you want both players to win. Great match. Glad I have this memory.  (Karen T)